HullDrag/32 Yacht Design Software only runs in a Win32 CMD-box

HullDrag/32 currently runs in a Win32 DOS-Box only, meaning: it's strictly character based but needs the 32-bit environment that the Win32 programming API's offer.
The bottom line: it runs like programs used to run under DOS or Unix, but it needs Windows to do it. Progress indeed... ;-).
Whatever you think of it, it's temporary, as a Windows GUI based version is in development. Release date as of yet undetermined.

Update: Rel. 0.51 (beta)

The new 0.51 Beta version is a small improvement over the previous 0.5 Alpha.

It includes more meaningful error messages and the size of the entire download shrunk from 65 kilobytes to a meagre 23 kilobytes. Download the DOS-Box product here:

HullDrag/32 (rel. 0.51 Beta, ZIP file) [22 KB]

Graphical User Interface (GUI) proposal

For those of you who want to look at a HullDrag/32 user interface proposal, download the following: HullDrag/32 user interface proposal [269 KB] Please note that this is just an empty user interface, no drag calculation code is included. If you take the trouble of checking it out, you might as well tell me what you think of it. See the contact page for my email address. Any comment that enables me to create a better product is appreciated.

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