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HullDrag/32 is a single product and the button says 'products', plural. That is a bit overdone right now as the second download I offer isn't a full product, but it stresses that I intend HullDrag/32 to become a component of a hydrodynamics software suite. Just wait and see, but don't hold your breath though, this is software, remember ?

Another yacht design software forthcoming

During the development of HullDrag/32 it was rather easy to take part of the source code and turn it into a little utility that shows just another aspect about sailing yacht hulls. The product is not released yet but will in the very near future.

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HullDrag/32 Get your free HullDrag/32 download here...

Heel_It! This free yacht design program is still forthcoming, but will be made available here...


So let's first discuss the base product, HullDrag/32, the hull resistance calculator software.

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