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In my leisure time, I go after various other interests, some of them I document on corresponding websites. a few are listed below.

Forex Trading Information Website  Homebuilt Aircraft Project  Webblog Project  
Since many years, I’ve been interested and active in equity trading, futures trading and Forex trading. Currently, I only concentrate on Forex currency trading, I even put up a website about it:   My IBIS experimental aircraft project ("The French Canard") obviously doesn't quite fit into this site, but perhaps you excuse me for promoting this other website of mine as well:  Starting December 2005 I turned my attention to blogging too. It's a good way to keep informed about what's happening on my websites: 
FOREX TRADING IDEAS | improve your Forex trading results  RJ.03 IBIS "The French Canard" homebuilt aircraft project  Hans Zwakenberg's blogging site  

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