Find the optimal hull geometry

HullDrag/32 is a sailing yacht hull resistance calculation utility, offering you:

  • Resistance estimates of hull, keel and rudder

  • optimisation of Cp and LCB for speeds up to Fn=0.45

  • resistance estimates for speeds up to Fn=0.75

  • estimates residuary resistance and heeling resistance

  • estimates frictional resistance for hull, keel and rudder, surface roughness resistance

  • easy to use ASCII hull description input files

  • easy to use ASCII (comma separated) output files

  • command line & batch operation

  • no GUI (graphical user interface) implemented just yet....

Further Yacht Design Software Information

Any additional information you might need is included in the download file. Just hit the downloads button above to get to the page that allows you to download HullDrag/32.

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