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HullDrag Yacht Design Software

Yacht Design Software

Hi sailor, interested in yacht design software, are you?
If you are, please check our this site, which offers HullDrag/32, a free computer program that estimates a sailing yacht's hull resisitance.
The math behind the resistance calculations built into HullDrag/32 were developed at Delft University, where a large number of parametric hull variations were tested in a towing tank.
The huge volume of measurement data was put through an extensive regression analysis, the result of which are the equations used by HullDrag/32.
HullDrag/32 can do quite a bit more than just estimate a hull's resistance, but you have to read the rest of this yacht design software site to find out.

A summary of what this HullDrag site has to offer

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HullDrag/32 yacht design software explained

HullDrag/32 is a sailing yacht hull drag calculation utility that estimates the drag of a sailing yacht's hull, keel and rudder. In addtion, it offers optimisation of Cp and LCB for speeds up to Fn=0.45. A new release of this yacht design software is in the works which will offer optimisation for speeds up to Fn=0.60. The new release also optimises the value of LCF.

Want to test this free yacht design software?

For all of you interested in sailing yacht design, yacht speed optimisation, drag reduction, or whatever, I envite you to download and evaluate HullDrag/32, the free virtual towtank inside your PC.

Amazing number of downloads

In the initial period between July 1999 and May 2000, HullDrag/32 was downloaded almost 900 times. In all the years that followed, interest remained high, with download numbers in the thousands per year. This amazes me to no end, as this hydrodynamics computer program targets a very specific audience indeed. I thank you all for your interest.

Enjoy !

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