HullDrag/32 Yacht Design Software Support through a discussion forum

HullDrag/32 yacht design software is a project that I support on a as-time-is-available basis.
Since the current incarnation is a freeware product, I guess you will agree with me that my professional endeavors (those that pay the rent) have to come first.
Whatever time is left is spent supporting HullDrag/32 users and developing the full Windows version.
What I would like to avoid is having to answer the same question numerous times. To prevent this from happening all the time, I've set up a discussion forum at the following link:

HullDrag/32 yacht design discussion forum

HullDrag/32 yacht design software discussion forum

This forum is my preferred way of supporting HullDrag/32 users, as it allows all of you to check out questions that were discussed before. It also allows HullDrag/32 users to get to know each other. If you need answers fast, use the forum.

Need to send an email message directly?

If you think the forum doesn't fit your bill (I wouldn't know why, but you never know), feel free to drop me an email message. Press the contact button above to get the relevant details.

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