How does hull wetted area change with heel?

This small utility program performs hydrodynamic calculations to determine how wetted area of a racing yacht hull changes with heel.

Get the numbers nailed down

Find out how the prismatic coefficient (Cp) influences wetted area for a heeled hull.
Do you think the longitudinal center of boyancy (LCB) has no effect on added wetted area when heeled? Think again, or... use Heel_It! to quantify these effects.
Heel_It! is a tool that is a HullDrag/32 spin-off if you will. 90% of its code was taken directly from HullDrag/32.

It also reads the same hull description input files. Heel_It! presents just another aspect of a hull, without calculating any resistance numbers. Great for learning more about your sailing yacht hull or to determine how much surface you need to cover with antifouling next spring ...

Heel_It! download in preparation

I'm in the process of preparing Heel_It! for distribution. Eventually the software will be made available on the download pages.

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